The first and only real-time processing automatic de-flickering system for your sport productions is revolutionary both in terms of :

- the flexibility it offers and the simplicity of its use - which are the key driving forces of our products developments. The automatic capabilities of the unit make it flawlessly work in various low light conditions, with different light sources and with different backgrounds;

- the quality of the ultra motion shots.

Thanks to its advanced real-time processing capability, the I-MOVIX de-flickering system provides much more than a solution to the lighting issues encountered by any high-speed camera user. Indeed, in addition to the automatic de-flickering capability, this device also provides relevant tools to enhance the quality and sharpness of the ultra motion shots as never seen before.

In a nutshell:

- Real-Time Processing Evolutive Unit with automatic de-flickering, automatic de-noising;
- HD-SDI or Server Based Integration (EVS LSM Files Based Integration available via networking protocol);
- Variable Settings via I-MOVIX OCP;
- Real-time processing;
- Evolutive Design and Technology (other features and performances may apply);
- 4U Form Factor;
- Available in 1080i & 720p.