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Las Vegas Convention Center

April 18-21, 2016

Stand C8626

NAB2016 is the venue for the launch of INFINITE, a brand-new radically innovative solution that provides unprecedented scalability and the flexibility to fit into any production workflow. At NAB we’ll be showing the first version, based on the Phantom Flex 4K from Vision Research, with more than one hour of continuous non-stop loop recording in high-speed and in high resolution – and the revolutionary ability to operate in standalone mode without a production server.” – Laurent Renard, I-MOVIX CEO.

 Logo2 Producciones - Camp Nou

Logo2 Producciones - Camp Nou


On Display at NAB2016


**NEW FOR NAB** INFINITE: A Breakthrough in Scalable Ultra Motion Camera Systems, configurable for any production scenario.

I-MOVIX will demonstrate the industry’s first scalable ultra-slow motion system, adaptable to any workflow and production requirements. Based on Vision Research’s Phantom® Flex4K camera and the I-MOVIX X10 platform, INFINITE can be operated in a range of modes to meet the most challenging production constraints, either technical or financial. At NAB 2016, I-MOVIX will show the debut version of INFINITE, capable of recording over an hour of continuous non-stop ultra motion in HD even when used without a server. With its trigger-less workflow INFINITE is simpler and more flexible to operate, lowering costs, saving space and easing the load on production resources.


**NEW FEATURES** X10 UHD RF: The RF Version of the class-leading Ultra Slow Motion System From I-MOVIX.

I-MOVIX will also showcase the X10 UHD RF system, further extending the operational flexibility of the class-leading X10 UHD system, and completing the X10 product range. X10 UHD RF can be used in wireless mode for very high-frame rate ultra slow motion in HD sports productions where being close to the action makes all the difference. The solution, enabling live and replay operation with standard RF equipment, is lightweight, convenient, and as easy to operate as the other systems of the product range. The system is available with a choice of wireless cameraback solutions, including Vislink’s Clip-On 4 or L1700.