Brand New X10 Product Line at NAB 2014

Thanks to an ongoing, intensive and fruitful Research & Development program, I-MOVIX continuously reinforces its leadership position on the ultra slow motion (sports) broadcast market.

I-MOVIX provides solutions for every sports production:

from 25 to 2,600 images/sec in HD resolution, or up to 1,000 images/sec in 4K

in Super Slow Motion and Ultra Slow Motion modes

I-MOVIX is now offering a new line of products based on the market-defining X10 ultra slow motion technology. Indeed, the technological as well as marketing knowledge acquired so far leads the company to rethink the philosophy behind the development and commercialization of its products on an innovative way.

The new product line emphasises modular configurability to suit any Vision Research Phantom camera, and any configuration can be customized to meet performance and budget targets across a wide range of production scenarios. The entire X10 product range has been optimized for upgradeability to allow for evolving production requirements and upcoming generations of cameras.

The X10 product line is based on a unique technology: the X10 leading ultra motion technology, and is made up of a set of ultra motion solutions combining both high quality standards and competitive prices to meet the most demanding broadcast requirements. Each I-MOVIX’s ultra motion solution is a specific version of the X10 product that best corresponds to the customer’s preferred setup. For example, for sports productions requiring both high image quality and very high frame rates levels, the X10 Ultra Motion (USM) configuration is the relevant answer. Indeed, in addition to the unique features provided by the X10 technology, X10 USM operates on an extreme slow motion mode at frame rates up to 2,600 fps in 1080i or up to 5,600 fps in 720p, with instant replay.

 The Brand New and Modular X10 Product Line

The Brand New and Modular X10 Product Line

Central and unique to the X10 product line is the principle of modularity of the I-MOVIX ultra motion camera systems around the X10 Camera Control Unit (CCU). Indeed, the components of any X10 system may be separated and recombined with components of another version of the product at any time of the product life cycle, with the objective of better matching the evolution of the customers’ needs or increasing the efficiency of the system. Any X10 solution is thus by nature really adaptive on the basis of either the evolution of the Phantom camera series of Vision Research or the broadcast setup constraints of the customer.