I-MOVIX is pleased to announce that Fletcher will supply up to six I-MOVIX cameras per weekend during the NBA on ESPN season.


The cameras will be placed behind the back board known as “slam-cams”. After a successful demonstration during last year’s play-offs all 6 cameras will debut this season on Christmas Day deployed at the following games: The Miami Heat Vs. Oklahoma City, LA Lakers Vs. New York Knicks, and LA Clippers Vs. Denver Nuggets.

“The I-MOVIX camera provides a dramatic slow motion replay from an angle that would not be possible with other high speed systems,” said Dan Grainge, Vice President Sports, Fletcher Chicago Inc. “The unique design of the I-MOVIX system allows us to put the camera in much smaller space. We are very happy with the versatility and reliability of the I-MOVIX product. We look forward to a season of unique replays from this angle.”

Featuring the renowned quality and usability of I-MOVIX’s award-winning SprintCam technology, the SprintCam Vvs HD solution operates at frame rates up to 2,600 fps in 1080i50/ up to 5,600 fps in 720p60 (up to 100 times slower than the live action), and provides instant replay at native HD resolution and image quality.

Behind the Glass I-MOVIX (Last year’s usage during the NBA play-offs):

About Fletcher Chicago

Fletcher Chicago, Inc. is an award winning provider of specialty cameras for the sports and entertainment industry throughout North America. Fletcher's sports division is recognized for its innovation and improvement to the broadcast - pleasing the executives (and fans); while maintaining a reputation of reliability and functionality - pleasing the engineers. Fletcher has recently expanded to serve the international sports broadcasting market with a Fletcher London Sports operation. Credits include Olympics, World Series, NBA Finals, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, World Cup, and NFL.

More information is available at http://www.fletch.com/home.html


I-MOVIX (www.i-movix.com) is a Belgian company with market-leading technology in the domain of extreme slow motion (from 75 to over 5,000 FPS). The company’s products are the first true ultra-slow motion systems, fully integrated for broadcast use, offering the unprecedented combination of very high frame rates and instant replay, or continuous streaming. The technology has applications in live sports and other live TV productions, as well as in commercials, documentaries, feature films, and scientific R&D.