Ultra slow-motion is an important resource in the production toolkit for premium sports coverage. The ability to show the detail of motion at very high frame rates (several hundred fps or more) is a valuable asset to broadcasters wishing to add higher production values to their coverage. It is also potentially very useful to sports adjudicators, who can use instantly available ultra slow motion to provide assistance to referees and umpires in difficult decisions that affect the sporting action.


Towards Continuous Ultra Slow-Motion for Sports Coverage

While ultra slow-motion systems are already widely deployed by leading broadcasters for premium sports coverage, a continuously streamed ultra slow-motion system is a significant advance on the current state of the art. Indeed, today’s continuously streaming slow-motion systems are limited to a maximum of 3x slow motion, which does not provide the quality and detail of the best ultra slow-motion footage.

Raising the industry ultra-slow-motion performance bar yet again, the X10 system – developed by I-MOVIX, in collaboration with EVS – provides a real time output of up to 250 fps at native HD resolution, i.e., an up to ten times normal speed capture. For sports productions requiring higher frame rate levels, this unique system (X10+) can also operate on a replay mode at frame rates up to 2,600 fps in 1080i50 or up to 5,600 fps in 720p60 (100 times slower than live action) with instant replay, making of this new I-MOVIX solution the fully integrated ultra-slow-motion system for live HD broadcast production. The X10 camera from I-MOVIX is used in combination with an EVS XT3 production server.

A unique experience in Spain, thanks to Logo2 Producciones

Spain-based specialist Logo 2 Producciones offers a range of camera solutions for broadcasters - including the latest ultra slow motion technology - as well as a skilled specialist crew to the main players in the Spanish television industry.

As a pioneer, Logo 2 Producciones is always looking for new leading-edge technology to stay ahead of the game and deliver the eye-catching sequences broadcasters demand.

In December 2012, Logo 2 Producciones (in collaboration with I-MOVIX and EVS) had the opportunity to demonstrate the key features and capabilities of the new X10 system to Canal+ Spain. More specifically, the X10 system has been used to capture outstanding ultra slow motion sequences during the Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid football game. The X10 system, used in conjunction with an EVS XT3 server, was used at 250 frames per second on a continuous mode in 1080i50.

“The reaction of producers to the system has been very positive. Even more than the spectacular shots X10 provides – thanks to its RAW video processing enhancements, what especially grabs their attention is the simplicity of the workflow of the system. This is the result of a technological partnership with EVS, the X10 camera being used exclusively with the XT3 production server. In general, the whole integration is appreciated as well as its easy installation and setup in an OB van. Thanks to the enthusiasm, dynamism and professionalism of the Logo 2 Producciones team – Juan Cruz Lopez and Kepa Goiri, co-founders – and of Marc Caeymaex, General Manager EVS Iberica, we made this first experience with X10 in Spain a success.” Laurent Renard, CEO, I-MOVIX.
“Spain is a country that produces a lot of top-level sports; there are many great teams in football and basketball, many top level tennis players and golfers, and drivers in Moto GP and Formula One. Many international sporting events stage competitions in Spain, and all these events are big productions where the SprintCam Vvs HD and X10 solutions will be used more and more, while the worldwide advertising opportunities generated by the coverage of these events will contribute to promote this kind of ultra-slow motion technology.” Kepa Goiri, co-founder, Logo 2 Producciones.

About Logo 2 Producciones

Logo 2 Producciones is a facilities hire and broadcast services house based in Northern Spain. They offer a range of camera solutions for broadcasters, including ultra slow motion, polecam and steadycam systems, together with robotic and miniaturized cameras, and post production services. Their clients include the main players in the Spanish television industry – Canal+, LaSexta, MediaPro, Telecinco, TVE among them. http://logo2producciones.com/