"For the second consecutive year, the odds-on-favorite Miami Heat were pushed to seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals on their trek to the NBA Finals. While the seven-game series with the Indiana Pacers made for plenty of drama for fans, it once again created headaches for the ESPN remote-production operations team in charge of allocated trucks and other facilities for the massive productions of the first two NBA Finals games. 


In addition to the 36 cameras deployed during the Finals, and for the second consecutive NBA Finals, both baskets will be outfitted with split-block I-MOVIX ultra-slo-mo cameras shooting through the glass of the backboard to capture the action in the paint."

"It has become one of the signature items", Grigely says of the I-MOVIX cameras. "We started them last year at Finals, and we've used them a few times since. It's created a shot that we can get a lot of mileage out of. It creates a very clear, close-up shot of the action around the rim. You see the faces, the hands colliding, the bodies banging. It's a very unique angle that isn't seen a whole lot the rest of the year."

 Extract from an article entitled After Playoff Cliffhanger, ESPN is Set for NBA Finals, posted by Jason Dachman, on June 7, 2013, and published by Sports Video Group.

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