Mons, Belgium – 18 April, 2016 – I-MOVIX is pleased to announce the early adoption of INFINITE by CITIUS IMAGING, the Finnish high speed imaging specialist and broadcast supplier. In addition to the state-of-the-art INFINITE broadcasting camera system, CITIUS IMAGING also provides Phantom high speed camera rental for industrial and science applications in the European area, in partnership with the camera manufacturer : Vision Research Inc.

INFINITE is a radically different new ultra-slow motion camera system providing ultra-slow motion in HD and 4K with the equivalent of 12 channels in super slow motion without the need of a production server.

Based on Vision Research's Phantom Flex 4K camera and the I-MOVIX X10 platform, INFINITE combines extreme scalability with trigger-less operation, and is the first camera to provide continuous on-board loop recording of an hour of high frame rate in HD and frame-accurate ramping of speed without compensation and interpolation. INFINITE helps streamline production logistics when used either in standalone mode without a server, or in conjunction with a server, where it only requires a single channel, saving cost and space in the mobile truck. The trigger-less workflow empowers production teams to review and save ample content for the live show, for post-game analysis and for marketing – all of which dramatically reduces the per-minute cost of this unique technology.

By being in high speed imaging business for well over a decade I have seen the development of these cameras and the change in the ways they are being used in different fields from industrial applications to broadcasting and cinema. The new INFINITE system is combining the best of Phantom high speed cameras and I-MOVIX broadcasting systems. INFINITE will expand the possibilities in sports broadcasting and offers the audience completely new views into the sports. Citius Imaging wants to be in frontline offering this system to those broadcasting companies who want to offer their audience something truly amazing - something they really deserve to see when watching sports", said Mikko Granberg, High Speed Imaging Specialist and Managing Director of Citius Imaging Ltd.

With INFINITE, CITIUS IMAGING completes its range of cameras and camera systems to meet the most challenging production constraints, either technical or financial. The system will be ready for rental in Finland (and the countries around it) just after NAB 2016.

More information on this and any of the other I-MOVIX product is available at or by phone at +32 65 320 450.


Citius Imaging Ltd. is the Finnish distributor of I-MOVIX and Vision Research Inc products. Phantom high speed camera rental for industrial and science applications is provided in the EU area in partnership with the camera manufacturer – Vision Research Inc.
Cameras: Available models range from the Phantom Miro- to the Ultra High Speed (UHS)-series.
Packages: From one camera rental to multiple camera systems including needed cables, lenses, controller units, lights and tripods – each set tailored to customer’s needs.

I-MOVIX ( is the worldwide leader in extreme slow motion for sports broadcast (from 75 to over 5,000 FPS). The company’s products are the first true ultra-slow motion systems, fully integrated for broadcast use, offering the unprecedented combination of very high frame rates and instant replay, or continuous streaming. The technology has applications in live sports and other live TV productions, as well as in commercials, documentaries, feature films, and scientific R&D.