Mons, Belgium23 August, 2016 – At NAB 2016, I-MOVIX has launched the debut version of INFINITE, a radically new innovative ultra-slow motion camera that combines high scalability with trigger-less operation.

Based on Vision Research’s Phantom® Flex4K camera and the I-MOVIX X10 platform, INFINITE is the first to provide continuous on-board loop recording of more than one hour of high frame rate in HD and frame-accurate ramping of speed without compensation and interpolation, and has many distinctive advantages that make this new technology the frontline ultra motion camera.

On the one hand, the trigger-less workflow at the heart of the INFINITE ultra motion technology empowers production teams to review and save ample content for the live show, for post-game analysis and for marketing – all of which dramatically reduces the per-minute cost of this unique technology. 

On the other hand, INFINITE can be operated in a range of modes to meet the most challenging production constraints, both technical and financial. INFINITE helps streamline production logistics when used either in standalone mode without a server, or in conjunction with a server, where it only requires a single channel, saving cost and space in the OB van. INFINITE offers full compatibility with the other technologies used in the production chain, and in particular with the major production servers brands to which the camera might be connected.

Moreover, the system captures more than one hour of continuous action in high speed and in high resolution, allowing an entire sports event to be recorded non-stop. INFINITE’s ability to provide trigger-less coverage means a dedicated operator is not required, the camera workflow is greatly simplified, and the production team never risks missing anything.

INFINITE has the capability to be used for remote/IP operation, and in a wireless setup. The configuration based on the Phantom v642 is now also available.

INFINITE will be shown at IBC 2016 (Booth 12.A37) and is available for immediate delivery.

More information about I-MOVIX line of products is available at or by phone at +32 65 320 450.


I-MOVIX ( is the worldwide leader in extreme slow motion for sports broadcast (from 75 to over 5,000 FPS). The company’s products are the first true ultra-slow motion systems, fully integrated for broadcast use, offering the unprecedented combination of very high frame rates and instant replay, or continuous streaming. The technology has applications in live sports and other live TV productions, as well as in commercials, documentaries, feature films, and scientific R&D.