Combining the latest generation of Vision Research Phantom high-speed cameras and the X10 platform, X10 SSM is the Super Slow Motion solution developed by I-MOVIX, for use as a conventional HD broadcast camera with the addition of continuously-recorded super slowmo at 300 FPS (in 1080i) or 600 FPS (in 720p).

X10 SSM has the unique capability of delivering up to 10 times normal speed capture in full HD resolution while being used as any standard broadcast camera since it records continuously, on the contrary to X10 USM for example.

The main benefits of the X10 SSM solution are the availability of up to 38 hours of continuous super slow motion on your EVS broadcast server (no internal memory limit and no action ever be missed again), as well as the possibility to provide a ten times real time output for sports where a three times normal speed capture is not sufficient.

X10 SSM fully benefits from ColorMatch: the smart automatic color matching process with all broadcast cameras (Sony & Grass Valley cameras, among others).