The Uplifting and Modular X10, Driven by Emotion


X10 USM is the Ultra Slow Motion solution developed by I-MOVIX for very high frame-rate sports applications. Indeed, X10 USM operates on a ultra slow motion mode at frame rates of up to 2,600 FPS in 1080i or up to 5,600 FPS in 720p (100 times slower than live action) and provides instant replay at native HD resolution and image quality with a dual output for a live and replay feed. 

Featuring the renowned quality and usability of the X10 technology, X10 USM is the fully integrated ultra slow motion system optimized for the rigors of demanding broadcast schedules.

In addition to a dual output that allows a camera operator to shoot and record at the same time, segmented memory, ramping of speed within a replay, dual output of live action and replay sequences, and integration of both live- and replay-view on the viewfinder, as well as a user-friendly operational control panel with extra functionality, just to name a few, X10 USM allows operators to use all the capabilities of the ultra-motion technology in a simpler and always efficient way.


Added Value

Making the X10 USM solution yours means:

  • Adopting the latest generation of Vision Research Phantom high-speed cameras
  • The unique potential to capture ultra slow motion shots at frame rates up to 2,600 FPS in 1080i or up to 5,600 FPS in 720p with instant replay
  • Unleashing the power of RAW processing
    • We take advantage of our 8 years experience in the broadcast market to involve our own algorithms in real-time. The result is a perfect matching with other brands with an incredible flexibility.
  • No training or additional effort needed for your operators
  • Extending your creativity with a lightweight portable camera
  • Fully benefiting from ColorMatch: the smart automatic color matching process with all broadcast cameras (Sony & Grass Valley cameras, among others)
  • Choosing the relevant answer for your sports production in terms of very high frame rates, efficiency of operations, image quality and ease of use
  • Benefiting from a unique integration with industry-leading production servers.

RF version also available.



X10 USM Workflow